Virus – Proton

The Virus is a great disc for many different styles of player. It is versatile in its shot shaping ability with plenty of glide and enough turn to be useful for players of all skill levels. The Gyro technology on these discs will keep the disc spinning longer for a further flight. The Proton plastic is some of the best feeling plastic around and it has plenty of durability and grip. Make sure you grab a Proton Virus today!

Axiom says this about the mold: “The defining characteristic of the Virus’ flight is a steady turnover tendency with forward fade. This can be manipulated by more skilled throwers, or used for distance advantage by lower powered throwers. Power throwers will find the Virus useful in tailwinds and for long hyzerflip to turnover shots. Powered-down and standstill shots benefit from the low speeds required for a straight Virus flight. Height can be manipulated with the Virus for high flexing distance lines, or low ceiling shots at smoother throwing speeds. The Virus’ handling of low powered throws as well as clean high power throws makes it a useful complement to more stable drivers like the Insanity and Wrath.”

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