Star Mamba


Star Mamba – One of the most understable discs in the Innova lineup. Great disc for lower arm speeds or for long distance turnovers/rollers. A Tern-like feel in the hand, this will be a comfortable grip for those who prefer a thinner profile driver. This is great for newer players looking to throw a driver for the first or for those learning how to throw a roller. The Star plastic feels great in the hand and has a plenty of grip along with a long lifespan. Grab an Innova Star Mamba today!

Innova says this about the mold: “The Mamba has more high speed turn than any of our long range drivers, so throwing into a headwind is not recommended. For those with less driving speed, it will add distance. For the medium armed crowd, it will shape long lines for turnovers and straight shots, as well as hyzer flips and even big rolls.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Star Mamba - red - goldblack-checkers - neutral - neutral - 167g - 167-7g Red Gold/Black Checkers (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 167g 167.7g $17.99


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