Recycled ESP Zone


Recycled ESP Zone – The Zone, from Discraft Discs, is one of the most popular overstable putters on the market. Truly one of the go-to putters for headwinds and forehand upshots, this low profile putter is sure to be able to handle a little power and snap and still fly true. This iteration of the Zone comes in the Recycled ESP plastic and is meant for all those that want to use a more environmentally friendly plastic! It is truly one of the best approach discs in the game and it is used by just about every Discraft sponsored pro and a large amount of amateurs as well. It has a great feel in the hand whether you are using it forehand or backhand, on top of being one of the best wind fighting putters in the game. Make sure you grab a Recycled ESP Zone today and fight the wind with a recycled disc.

Discraft says this about the Zone: “Advanced players love the overstable, low-profiled Zone putter. Will hold the line without flipping on long approaches, and delivers predictable putts even in windy conditions.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Recycled ESP Zone - blend-orangepink - silver-squares - pretty-flat - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 173-7g Blend – Orange/Pink Silver Squares (2) – Pretty Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 173.7g $14.99
Recycled ESP Zone - blue - silver-squares - pretty-flat - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 174-1g Blue Silver Squares (2) – Pretty Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 174.1g $14.99


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