Proton Lift

Proton Lift – The Lift is a great neutral flying fairway driver that can handle power but also flies relatively straight at low speeds. This is is a disc when ripped hard it will get a touch of flip before flattening out and finishing real straight. The Proton plastic feels amazing and will help keep the stability for a long time. This run features an awesome stamp and will be a disc you find reaching for over and over again. If you need a new straight flying 9 speed then the Lift is the perfect disc for you.

Streamline says this about the mold: “The Lift, Streamline’s popular neutral-stable control driver, is now available in our candy colored Proton plastic! The Proton Lift sports the same reliably straight, slightly understable flight the Lift is known for, but it’s now enhanced by the high durability and long life of Proton plastic. With its slight dome and comfortable rim size, the Lift feels great in the hand for accurate and surprisingly long backhand and forehand drives. Elevate your game up with the Proton Lift!”

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