Cosmic Neutron Runway


Cosmic Neutron Runway – An overstable midrange that can handle plenty of power, this mold was in the first ever MVP in the bag for Simon Lizotte. It is a midrange that can handle power very well and will fly straight until a beefy fade at the end of the flight. Flat and grippy, the Cosmic Neutron Runway can be thrown with confidence on both forehands and backhands. The Cosmic Neutron plastic has that amazing Neutron feel with a beautiful swirly look to it. Grab a Cosmic Neutron Runway today!

Streamline says this about the mold: “The Runway can handle powerful throws with pinpoint accuracy. In high wind situations, this midrange will hold straight lines with a pronounced finishing fade. Power throwers will find a control midrange that has the stability to fight out of turnover and forehand lines. The Runway offers more glide than the popular MVP Deflector due to its less aggressive fade at the end of flight. The Runway will keep its stability while gradually breaking in to a trusted stable midrange round after round.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil 3 Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Cosmic Neutron Runway - blue-green - blue - neutral - neutral - 176g - 177-0g Blue/Green Blue (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 176g 177.0g $16.99
Cosmic Neutron Runway - orange - blue-yellow-fade - neutral - neutral - 177g - 176-9g Orange Blue/Yellow Fade (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 177g 176.9g $16.99
Cosmic Neutron Runway - orange - gold - neutral - neutral - 177g - 176-9g Orange Gold (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 177g 176.9g $16.99


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