OTB Space Swirly S-Line DD3

OTB Space Swirly S-Line DD3 – The DD3 is a great flying disc from Discmania that has been a fan favorite since the inception. Also loved by pros, the DD3 is an absolute bomber, and in the brand new S-Line plastic, it is a hyzer flip bomber. One of the flippier runs of the DD3, this is a great disc for slower arm speeds that want more turn out of their DD3 or as a roller disc for power players. Make sure you grab a Discmania OTB Space Swirly S-Line DD3 today!

Discmania says this about the mold: “The DD3 is the distance driver that has been optimized to bring massive glide and distance to those who have the power. Pro tip: This particular first version of the S-Line DD3 is more understable than they are likely to be in the future. Not a massive amount, but enough to notice a difference and enough for you to fall in love with it. Compare to: very similar version to the Echo DD3 of the past. The DD3 is a stable to overstable distance driver that offers a ton of glide for players who are able to get this disc up to speed. The DD3 crushes down the fairway with enough stability to handle pro level power without turning over and enough glide to give the disc a full flight. The stability of the DD3 also makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their forehands. Fans of beat in PD2’s will find a reliable replacement out of the box with the DD3.”

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