Fission Photon – Elaine King 5x


Fission Photon – An awesome variation made for 5x World Champion Elaine King! A Team MVP Signature Series release of the Fission microbubble technology plastic for the super popular Photon Distance Driver. Elaine King won 4 straight World Championships from 1991-1994 and won her 5th in 1997 in her home state of North Carolina. The Photon is a versatile 11 Speed driver that right up at the top of the the popularity list for MVP’s drivers. Grab an Elain King Fission Photon today!

MVP says this about the mold: “The Photon is best described as a longer Tesla, with power throwers able to achieve some flight extending turn, and all throwers getting a reliable fade. The Photon is naturally headwind resistant but average power throwers can use a headwind to emulate those extended flights of high power throwers.”

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Thumbnail Color Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Fission Photon – Elaine King 5x - dark-green - somewhat-flat - somewhat-gummy - 172g - 172-5g Dark Green (3) – Somewhat Flat (3) – Somewhat Gummy 172g 172.5g $18.99


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