Erika Stinchcomb Sunny Peach – 2023 Tour Series

Erika Stinchcomb Sunny Peach – The Sunny Peach is a great feeling midrange that is perfect for all those understable tee shots. It is great for hyzerflips and those touchy woods shots that need to drift and never hyzer. The Sunny plastic has a ton of durability and some great grip! Grab your very own Clash Discs Erika Stinchcomb Sunny Peach today!

Clash Discs says this about the mold: “Peach is an understable midrange with a lot of glide. Low speed matched with the glide makes the disc a perfect choice for those tight wooded courses. STEADY is a durable and flexible premium plastic thatguarantees a nice easy grip in all circumstances.”

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