Eclipse 2.0 Wave – OTB Alien Mini Stamp

OTB Open Eclipse 2.0 Wave – The OTB Open is back for 2022 with MVP Discs on as a sponsor. MVP has made waves recently especially with their Eclipse 2.0 plastic, quite simply it is the best glow in the game. Next on the docket for the Eclipse 2.0 plastic is the Wave, a controllable distance driver that provides effortless distance. It is a disc that players of all skill levels will love, newer players will like the easy distance from the wave, while the bigger arms will find a great hyzer flip and roller disc. Sales from this disc will help support the 2022 OTB Open.

MVP says this about the Wave: “The Wave is best described as a longer Inertia, with a stable-understable flight profile and a responsiveness that makes it useful across the power spectrum…. the Wave is the type of driver that players may bag in two or more weights for shot variety. For the most powerful throws, long gliding turnovers and hyzerflip gut shots are possible with the Wave. For average powered throws the Wave will simply extend a variety of lines, from anhyzers to hyzerflips to headwind-assisted turnovers.”

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