DBW – Proton Volt

Proton Volt – MVP has continually pumped out great molds and the Volt is no exception. It is the definition of a workhorse fairway driver and can be used in a variety of ways for tons of different shot shapes. It is a disc that basically holds whatever angle you put it on and gets plenty of glide and forward carry. The Proton Volt feels amazing in the hand and will have a ton of durability. Great for cycling in and out of your bag, the Volt will have a ton of uses on the course.

Here is what MVP says about the mold: “The defining flight characteristics include a subtle turn and a reliable fade. For average throwers and tailwinds, the mold will resist turn. High-power throws and headwinds will activate the small turnover phase of flight, gaining distance and lateral movement. The fade is designed to terminate turnovers in a flat landing or better, and to range those straight gut shots at which the Volt excels. With its workable stability and power-responsive flight, the mold is most players’ best option for their core long driver.”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 8, Glide: 5, Turn: -.5, Fade: 2

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