Proton Ion


Proton Ion – One of the mainstay putters in the MVP lineup. The Ion features a big bead for those who prefer that feel. It is a very comfortable and familiar putter grip. The MVP Ion is the first mold ever made by MVP and it is one of the best. It is a putter that can handle a ton of power without flipping but it will have a gentle fade and finish on hyzer most of the time. A great putter for spin putters around the circle, this mold has a ton of usefulness all over the course. The Proton Ion is a reliable putter that you can use from anywhere on the course. MVP uses sweet gyro technology that creates more weight around the outer rim to help with the gyroscopic effects of a disc in flight. Grab a Proton Ion today and see if it changes your game!

MVP says this about the mold: “The Ion’s defining flight characteristic is its straight-stable flight with a late subtle fade. Both high and low-power throwers will see the Ion hold a dependably straight line with a subtle fade. The Ion’s added stability over the Anode allows players to have added confidence with adding more power to their throw. When there is a bit too much wind for the Anode, or you want to add some power to your approach shot, the Ion is the perfect alternative.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Proton Ion - purple - black - pretty-flat - somewhat-stiff - 173g - 172-8g Purple Black (2) – Pretty Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173g 172.8g $15.99
Proton Ion - blend-purple-grey - black - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 171g - 171-1g Blend – Purple Grey Black (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 171g 171.1g $15.99
Proton Ion - purple - black - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 171g - 171-0g Purple Black (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 171g 171.0g $15.99


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