Cosmic Neutron Wave

Cosmic Neutron Wave – The Wave is a great feeling mold that gets some flip but is still easy to control. The Cosmic Neutron plastic on these holds up well to durability and has some crazy swirls. These discs are loved by a ton of players of all skill levels. For big arms, the Wave is a fantastic roller disc and for newer players, this is the perfect disc to test your mettle with a driver. The Cosmic Neutron plastic is some of the prettiest plastic in the world and has tons of durability and grip. If you are fan of pretty distance drivers that bomb, then grab yourself a Cosmic Neutron Wave today!!

Here’s what MVP has to say about this release: “The defining characteristic of the Wave is its balance of turn and fade. Its shallow turn is capable of extending lines while its fade is subtle but reliable enough to range and place shots. High powered throwers will see turn and hyzerflip tendencies from the Wave, while average power throwers may need a headwind assistance or anhyzer release to activate the turning capabilities of the Wave. Beginners will find a useable, yet quite overstable flight in the Wave, due to the high power requirements of wide-rimmed distance drivers. The Wave is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.”

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