Cloudbreaker Fairwell Edition – Wings Stamp


What can I say. As a promoter of the Cloudbreaker and a avid thrower over the years. I am sad to know that this will be it. Sure Eagle will make new and exciting discs with his new company, but it will be sad to not see his influence. There’s no doubt that this is a special one. The feel, and grip are great. The swirls are captivating.

Eagle McMahon Cloud Breaker – The Cloud Breaker is a disc that Eagle McMahon put on the map with some of the longest drives in the history of the game. This is a disc that holds up to power well, giving you plenty of distance with a fade you can rely on. This run is a part of the 2024 Fairwell disc and features some beautiful swirls. Help support Eagle on tour with the Eagle McMahon CloudBreaker from Discmania.

Discmania says this about the mold: “The Cloud Breaker is the tool you need to harness your ultimate potential and unleash maximum distance to your game. Players with more arm speed and power will be able to obtain a full anhyzer flight out of it, both with forehand and backhand throws. Those with a bit less power or are still developing their skills can still take advantage of the great amount of glide that this disc offers.  This is the first version of the Cloud Breaker ever produced in the Creator Series line. We’ve continued to fine tune our processes and are super happy with what we’ve accomplished in the Special Blend version. They’ll still have a familiar softer feel but may contain some subtle color varieties as well that are both unique and visually pleasing.”

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