Big Z Hades


Big Z Hades – The Hades is one of the best understable distance drivers on the market. It has a great feel in the hand that is thin but not too thin. It is a distance driver that is easy to get to turn. The Big Z plastic makes it a touch more overstable than a lot of runs of the mold. The Big Z plastic is a great mix of feel and durability, it would hold it’s stability for a .ong time and won’t chunk up if you hit some rocks or a tree. Bigger arms will find this disc to be great for massive rollers and huge turnover shots, while newer arms will find this perfect for straight to stable distance shots. The Big Z Hades stamp is one of our favorite stamps out right now, with the 3 headed dog leading the way. Make sure you grab a Paul McBeth Big Z Hades today!

Discraft says this about the mold: “Paul rounds off his 5th disc release with the Hades. A stable, maximum distance driver. Think of this as a compliment to the iconic Zeus. Controllable power that’s manageable by all skill levels. It has massive amount of glide that provides a straight to slightly understable flight path.”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 12 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 2

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Big Z Hades - yellow - bronze - 173-174g - 173-9g Yellow Bronze 173-174g 173.9g $18.99
Big Z Hades - yellow - silver-squares - 173-174g - 173-4g Yellow Silver Squares 173-174g 173.4g $19.99
Big Z Hades - purple - rainbow-pinkorangeyellow - 173-174g - 174-1g Purple Rainbow – Pink Orange Yellow 173-174g 174.1g $19.99
Big Z Hades - orange - green-lines - 170-172g - 171-2g Orange Green Lines 170-172g 171.2g $19.99
Big Z Hades - yellow - red - 170-172g - 174-6g Yellow Red 170-172g 174.6g $19.99
Big Z Hades - red - blue-dots-mini - 170-172g - 173-7g Red Blue Dots – Mini 170-172g 173.7g $19.99
Big Z Hades - green - silver - 170-172g - 173-4g Green Silver 170-172g 173.4g $19.99
Big Z Hades - redpink - white - 170-172g - 173-1g Red/Pink White 170-172g 173.1g $19.99
Big Z Hades - redpink - white - 170-172g - 173-2g Red/Pink White 170-172g 173.2g $19.99
Big Z Hades - blue - dark-green - 170-172g - 171-4g Blue Dark Green 170-172g 171.4g $19.99
Big Z Hades - blue - dark-green - 170-172g - 171-7g Blue Dark Green 170-172g 171.7g $19.99
Big Z Hades - yellow - dark-green - 170-172g - 172-1g Yellow Dark Green 170-172g 172.1g $19.99
Big Z Hades - white - black - 173-174g - 173-8g White Black 173-174g 173.8g $19.99
Big Z Hades - bluepurple - dark-green - 170-172g - 171-7g Blue/Purple Dark Green 170-172g 171.7g $19.99
Big Z Hades - white - dark-blue - 173-174g - 175-2g White Dark Blue 173-174g 175.2g $19.99


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