300 Pa3


300 Pa3 – The Pa3 is a staple in Prodigy players bags, with an extremely straight flight and a comfortable feel in the hand. The Pa3 is a great feeling mold that can be used for tons of shot shapes all over the course whether you are in the circle or off the tee. The 300 plastic is super grippy but still has plenty of durability to use off the tee. Off the tee it will have a straight to understable flight that has plenty of glide. Grab yourself a Prodigy Discs 300 Pa3 today!

Prodigy says this about the mold: “The Prodigy Disc PA3 is our top selling putt & approach disc. Aim straight at the basket and nail your putts and approaches with a laser straight, stable flight path. The PA3 features a beaded rim, and is a favorite for disc golfers of all skill levels.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
300 Pa3 - blue - red-fracture - somewhat-flat - somewhat-stiff - 171g - 171-0g Blue Red Fracture (3) – Somewhat Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 171g 171.0g $14.99


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