Proxy – Electron

The Proxy is one of the best and straightest putters in the Axiom lineup. It has a great feel in the hand and the headless feel allows for a clean release. It is a disc that is great both in the circle and off the tee. Off the tee it was a straight to under stable flight with plenty of glide. It is truly a disc you can trust throughout the course. If you want a straight flying putter than can be used all over the course, then this Proxy is the perfect disc for you. The Electron plastic has an amazing feel. Grab an Electron Proxy and see how much your score goes down.

Axiom says this about the run: “It’s here! GYRO fans can rejoice, the Electron Proxy is here! With the boutique blend of grip and feel that Electron is famous for, the Proxy in Electron plastic provides confidence when putting and driving. Available in Soft and Medium blends initially, fans will have no problem finding a Proxy to throw, one to season in, and one to putt with.”

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