Victor 2 – Armadillo


Armadillo – Lone Star has added a bunch of new molds to the lineup and one of the best and most unique is the Armadillo. It has a thumbtrack on top and a frisbee-like bottom that makes it a great point and shoot disc. It is a fairly deep disc but it doesn’t have very much glide, unlike other deep dish putters. This is disc that will be great for approaches both forehand and backhand that need to go very straight.

Lone Star says this about the mold: “Armadillos are characterized by their armored shell and long, sharp claws for digging into the ground
Our newest Putt and Approach disc holds true to its namesake with its Blunt Nosed Rim and Thumbtracked Shoulder that allow this disc to fly straight as an arrow with reliable fade to its intended target.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Victor 2 - Armadillo - pink - white - somewhat-puddle-top - somewhat-stiff - 171g - 172-1g Pink White (-1) – Somewhat Puddle Top (5) – Somewhat Stiff 171g 172.1g $18.99


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