Steady Vanilla


Steady Vanilla – The Vanilla is the distance driver for everyone. It has easy distance for those looking to improve there but it has enough stability for even the biggest arms to find a use for. This is a great disc for a ton of different players and the Steady plastic is absolutely money. This is a disc that will slot in your distance driver slot nicely and offer a great compliment to the Salt and Wild Honey. Make sure you pick up a Clash Discs Steady Vanilla today!

Clash Discs says this about the mold: “Smooth distance driver. Vanilla offers a perfect controllable turn with a really impressive glide.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Steady Vanilla - blend-orangepink - purple - neutral - neutral - 176g - 175-7g Blend – Orange/Pink Purple (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 176g 175.7g $20.99


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