Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – Casey White Signature Series


Casey White Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – The FD1 disc is a very reliable and straight flying fairway driver that is a great compliment to the FD. It is a disc that can be thrown hard and it won’t get that same flip that an FD would get giving you less distance but more control. It is perfect for power arms that need a straight flying fairway or for newer players that want more fade than an FD can give them.

Discmania Says: One of our most popular reinvented fairway molds gets a blast of color with Casey White’s first official Signature Series disc, the Horizon FD1! This trusty mold has been leaned on by many as one of the most reliable discs we’ve added to the lineup and the addition of Horizon plastic lends another shot making option to your arsenal. Compared to the stock C-Line versions, the Sky Walker is going to feel slightly closer to the FD2 of the past but not quite a direct comparison. You will throw it straighter with less effort, notice a touch more glide, and a little more grip to the plastic. Pair a Sky Walker and C-Line FD1 together and they will make an incredible combination!

Casey Says: “The FD1 is the disc I have been waiting for the most in the Discmania lineup. With less speed than the PD, but more fade than an FD, the FD1 is an excellent choice for a straight to overstable fairway slot in your bag. The C-line FD1 has been one of the most versatile and dependable discs in my bag all year, but the Sky Walker Horizon FD1 provides a little more glide while looking incredible flying through the air. I wanted my first signature series stamp to tribute my home city of Boston, as well as my obsession with Star Wars. The Sky Walker has potential to be our new favorite disc, and you’ll just have to try one out to see for yourself.”

Discmania says this about the mold: “The FD1 is a brand new disc to our Originals disc line and it’s designed to fill the gap between our two icons FD and FD3. Stable flight with dependable fade in the end is a true combo for accuracy when you want to hit the fairways. It will have some similarities to that of a C-line FD when you pick it up but the glide has been stepped down a notch and low speed fade added as well to add more stability for windy situations and accuracy. Players will fall in love with the FD1 relatively flat profile and smooth release on backhand and sidearm shots.”

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Thumbnail Color Rim Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – Casey White Signature Series - purple - blue - blue - neutral - neutral - 174g - 175-3g Purple Blue Blue (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 174g 175.3g $23.99
Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – Casey White Signature Series - purple - blue - blue - somewhat-flat - neutral - 173g - 174-6g Purple Blue Blue (3) – Somewhat Flat (4) – Neutral Stiffness 173g 174.6g $23.99


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