Discmania’s icon for distance shots, the DD3, is optimized to bring massive glide and distance to those who have the power. Advanced and pro-level players trust the DD3 as their go-to driver for shaping a variety of distance lines. Thrown at slower speeds the DD3 stability is perfect for overstable backhand and forehand drives, even into headwinds. Reinvent your distance game with the DD3!


Eagle Mcmahon says “The DD3 reinvented the way I think about distance shots. Whether I’m throwing backhand or sidearm, the DD3 gives me confidence looking down the fairway. The mold offers an incredible culmination of speed, glide, and semi-overstable stability. It has helped me add significant range to my distance game without sacrificing control. I would recommend the DD3 to a wide range of skill levels since there are many different uses for the disc.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Weight Scaled Weight Flatness Stiffness PriceQuantity
S-Line-DD3 - orange - gold - 174g - 174-6g - somewhat-domey - somewhat-gummy Orange Gold 174g 174.6g (5) – Somewhat Domey (3) – Somewhat Gummy $22.99
S-Line-DD3 - orange - gold - 174g - 174-7g - somewhat-domey - somewhat-gummy Orange Gold 174g 174.7g (5) – Somewhat Domey (3) – Somewhat Gummy $22.99
S-Line-DD3 - light-yellow - silver - 175g - 175-1g - neutral - somewhat-gummy Light Yellow Silver 175g 175.1g (4) – Neutral Flatness (3) – Somewhat Gummy $22.99
S-Line-DD3 - light-yellow - black - 174g - 175-3g - neutral - somewhat-gummy Light Yellow Black 174g 175.3g (4) – Neutral Flatness (3) – Somewhat Gummy $22.99


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