Recycled ESP Scorch


Recycled ESP Scorch – The Scorch is one of the best flying understable distance drivers on the market. It is fast enough to get a ton of distance but has a comfortable feel in the hand and is easy to get flying straight at lower speeds. The Scorch is like a faster Heat with a tick more overstability. Fans of gummy plastic rejoice, the Scorch now comes in a stock offering in the Recycled ESP plastic. If you want a nice understable bomber then grab a Discraft Recycled ESP Scorch today!

Discraft says this about the Scorch: “Designed to provide maximum glide with a reliable fade regardless of your skill level. Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Scorch an easy to throw straight flier that will fight to come back, even in the wind, while Advanced and Professionals can expect high-speed turn and a late finish producing amazing distance.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Recycled ESP Scorch - gray - blue - somewhat-domey - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 174-4g Gray Blue (5) – Somewhat Domey (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 174.4g $14.99
Recycled ESP Scorch - red - dark-blue - somewhat-domey - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 174-5g Red Dark Blue (5) – Somewhat Domey (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 174.5g $14.99
Recycled ESP Scorch - pink - silver-fracture - somewhat-domey - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 174-9g Pink Silver Fracture (5) – Somewhat Domey (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 174.9g $14.99
Recycled ESP Scorch - pink - camo-o-g-y - somewhat-flat - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 173-5g Pink Camo-O/G/Y (3) – Somewhat Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 173.5g $14.99
Recycled ESP Scorch - light-purple - pink-mini-dots-and-stars - somewhat-domey - somewhat-stiff - 173-174g - 174-4g Light Purple Pink – Mini Dots and Stars (5) – Somewhat Domey (5) – Somewhat Stiff 173-174g 174.4g $14.99


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