Proton Pilot

Proton Pilot – The amazing putter the Pilot, now in the Proton plastic! The well loved, initial putter in the Streamline arsenal now has a premium plastic feel and flight. The plastic feels amazing and really has a ton of durability making it perfect for tee shots. This is a great flying straight putter that can handle power while maintaining a relatively straight flight. Make sure you grab a Streamline Discs Proton Pilot today!

Here was Streamline’s write up for the run: “The Pilot is getting an upgrade to bright candy colors and maximum durability, it’s time for the Streamline Proton Pilot! The Streamline Proton Pilot combines the straight flying putter with premium durable Streamline Proton Plastic. The Proton Pilot is debuting with a new stock double-foil stamp and many new Streamline Proton colors, now available for the first time. Expect a straight flight with less turn than you would find in the Electron blends with a slight fade finish. Streamline continues to round out the Pilot line up with the new Streamline Proton Pilot!”

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