Premium Marvel


The Premium Marvel is here!

Coming in more over-stable than our putter blends, the Premium version of The Marvel boasts a healthy amount of glide with a strong finish at 2/3/0/2.

Excelling at power shots as well as touch, this run of Marvel will quickly claim the “throwing putter” slot in your bag.

Power players will push the Premium Marvel to 350ft+ with ease, while lower arm speed players will enjoy a reliable flight inside of 300ft.

Our Premium plastic has fantastic grip with just the right amount of flex leaving the player confident and ready for whatever the next shots calls for.

Try a Premium Marvel today, and find the workhorse you’ve been searching for!

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Weight Scaled Weight Flatness Stiffness PriceQuantity
Premium Marvel - blue - white - 174g - 175-3g - somewhat-domey - somewhat-gummy Blue White 174g 175.3g (5) – Somewhat Domey (3) – Somewhat Gummy $18.99
Premium Marvel - light-yellow - white - 174g - 172-0g - somewhat-domey - somewhat-gummy Light Yellow White 174g 172.0g (5) – Somewhat Domey (3) – Somewhat Gummy $18.99
Premium Marvel - red-orange - white - 174g - 174-0g - somewhat-domey - somewhat-gummy Red Orange White 174g 174.0g (5) – Somewhat Domey (3) – Somewhat Gummy $18.99


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