OTB Open Prism Neutron Panic

OTB Open Prism Neutron Panic – Overstable shots that still need distance are very necessary in the modern era of disc golf, with long holes that require forehand and backhand stability while still gaining distance is of the upmost importance. The Panic has a touch of turn and significant low speed fade, making it perfect for tons of shots including big headwinds. With plenty of push forward this disc will carry down the fairway before reliably hyzering every single time. This is the first time the Panic is being offered in the Prism Neutron Plastic and it helps support the 2023 OTB Open. Our favorite tournament of the year is back with a crazy selection of custom run MVP, Axiom and Streamline discs. Make sure you grab an OTB Open Prism Neutron Panic today!

Axiom says this about the mold: “The Panic is thoroughly overstable, with plenty of beef to handle headwinds and torqued-up sidearms. Its overstability holds the Panic on any kind of hyzer line and allows steep anhyzer flex shots. For high-power throwers, the Panic will be a useful utility driver, while newer and average throwers will get an extremely overstable flight. The Panic is best described as a seasoned MVP Nitro.”

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