OTB Open 2024 Proton Soft Glitch – Pre Order


The OTB Open Proton Soft Glitch is going to be an amazing addition to what the future plans are for the Glitch Mold. This should be an exciting disc for those that already love the Glitch. The Glitch is a straight flying ultra glide approach disc. It can get finicky if there is wind, but ultimately is a point and shoot disc. You can rely on it to hold the line that you put it on.

**Please avoid combining non pre-ordered discs/items to pre-ordered discs. Separate orders are recommended because everything will ship together.**

**Note: We expect these to ship to us around mid April at the very earliest.**

The Proton Soft plastic feels amazing in the hand and has tons of performance on the course. The plastic has a slightly gummy feel that players love.


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