Michael Johansen Swirl ESP Comet – 2022 Icon Team Series

Swirl ESP Comet – Another awesome version of the Comet! Michael Johansen has been working his magic with this mold for quite some time. Now, the well loved disc is getting a face lift of the swirly variety! Check out these sweet swirly ESP bottom stamped Tour Series versions for a fancy look at an old favorite. The Comet is a wider diameter Midrange disc that has an Understable flight. These discs are perfect for wooded courses and shot shaping, or a nice long turnover hold for any hole! Check out the Johansen Comet today.

Discraft says this about the mold: “If you own only one disc, this is it. The legendary Comet™ is a super accurate, straight flying approach disc. The venerable Comet is like a favorite pair of old shoes: trustworthy and comfortable. Need to go 300 feet on a straight line? Reach for a Comet.”

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