Kristin Tattar Gold Orbit Saint Pro

Kristin Tattar Gold Orbit Saint Pro – The Saint Pro is a great flying fairway driver that can handle power but still will hold a relatively straight flight at higher speeds. The big brother to the Saint, this mold is made for players with more power so they can trust their fairway driver all over the course. This run helps support 2022 World Champion Kristin Tattar. The Gold Orbit plastic is some of the prettiest blend of plastic in the game and has a silky smooth feel. Make sure you grab a Kristin Tattar Gold Orbit Saint Pro today!

Latitude 64 says this about the mold: “Saint Pro is the big brother to the Saint with added stability for the more experienced player. While more overstable, it maintains the good glide and controllable flight characteristics of the regular Saint. For players with good arm speed, this fairway driver is a must have.”

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