Jessica Weese Echo Star Destroyer – 2023 Team Champion Series

Jessica Weese Echo Star Destroyer – The Destroyer is a great distance driver that can be used for both forehands and backhands. This run is perfect for those that want a Destroyer that beats in a little quicker and has a little bit more turn straight out of the box. This run helps support Jessica Weese during her 2023 Tour season. Make sure you grab a Jessica Weese Echo Star Destroyer today!

Innova says this about the mold: “For 2023, the cult-favorite Echo Star Destroyer is Jessica Weese’s Tour Series choice. Not only is Echo Star made from environmentally-conscious recycled plastic, but Echo tends to be grippy with an extra long glide phase. The plastic is slightly stiff and tends to have a touch of poppy dome. At 170-172g these Destroyers will be big bombers.  A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Jessica Weese and her touring efforts.”

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