Gorgon – Star


Introducing the Gorgon, a disc that merges the feel, precision, and ease of a Fairway Driver with the reach of a Distance Driver. Its flight? Arrow-straight glide with a steadfast fade, mirroring the Gorgon’s unwavering gaze. Experience the legend—drive like a deity, conquer the course.

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Gorgon - Star - blue - gold-holographic - neutral - somewhat-gummy - 173-175g - 175-1g Blue Gold Holographic (4) – Neutral Flatness (3) – Somewhat Gummy 173-175g 175.1g $18.99
Gorgon - Star - purple - black - neutral - somewhat-gummy - 173-175g - 173-7g Purple Black (4) – Neutral Flatness (3) – Somewhat Gummy 173-175g 173.7g $18.99


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