Glow C Line DD1 – Ella Cantina

Here we have the Glow C Line DD1 from Discmania. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to introduce the DD1 in C Line and Glow plastic. Ella is a staple player on both OTB and Discmania, and for that reason, we are releasing this disc with a fantastic Ella Cantina scene. Pirate Nate knocked this one out of the park.  This disc will help cut down the strokes in you’re weekly glow league.

The DD1 is the ultimate driver for those that find the DD3 to be just a little too much. The DD1 has a great flight, with a little flip and a gentle fade that is reliable but not too strong. This is a disc that has a great feel in the Glow C-Line plastic and all the durability you can ask for. Make sure you grab the Glow C-Line DD1 today!

Discmania says this about the mold: “Cited to be DD3’s little brother, the DD1 features a less overstable flight path compared to our most popular distance driver, the DD3. The DD1 glides to the horizon with some turn and reliably fades back at the end of its flight. This distance driver is truly a one for the masses – great for both accurate drives in the woods and full power throws in the open fields.”

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