Fission Octane


Fission Octane – The Octane is a fast and stable disc that has plenty of glide and is sure to get you some serious distance. It is a disc that is wide-rimmed and has an amazing feel in the hand. In the Fission plastic this disc is now available in both max weights and lighter weights making it perfect for everyone. The stock Fission Octane is a disc that people will love and is a great thrower compared to the SE which people might want to hang on their walls.

MVP says this about the mold: “Fission™ technology has come to the Octane! Combining the raw speed and distance potential of the Octane with our cutting edge Fission™ plastic has resulted in a truly impressive max distance driver. In testing at MVP R&D, the Fission™ Octane presented with a touch more turn than in other plastics – helping it be perhaps the farthest flying Octane yet. With final flight numbers of 13 | 5 | -1.5 | 2, the Fission™ Octane is going to take your distance to the next level. Plus, thanks to its ultralight core, the Fission™ Octane is available in weights all the way down to 155g — making it an Octane for all arm speeds! See just where your distance potential is at with the Fission™ Octane!”

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Thumbnail Color Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
Fission Octane - orange-brown - somewhat-flat - somewhat-gummy - 162g - 163-7g Orange/Brown (3) – Somewhat Flat (3) – Somewhat Gummy 162g 163.7g $18.99


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