Fission Crave

Fission Crave – The Axiom Crave is a slow, 6.5 speed, fairway driver that slots perfectly between your mids and traditional fairways. This mold gets plenty of glide and goes really far for a disc of its speed. With a touch of turn and a slow fade back this disc is perfect for dead straight shots. Describe by some as a beat in fairway out of the box, these discs can be crushed on full power or powered down and still  keep a great line. It generally holds any line you put it on and is perfect for carving wooded fairways and open shots alike. The Fission Crave is the perfect disc for your bag!

Axiom says this about the mold: “Axiom’s first Fission™ disc is here with the Fission™ Crave! As a reliable, straight-stable fairway driver, the Crave is a perfect candidate for the added GYRO® line-locking of our Fission™ technology — the already laser-like flights of the Crave have never been better. Available in weights all the way down to 155g, the Fission™ Crave is an ideal fairway driver for all arm speeds. Hit your lines with confidence with a Fission™ Crave!”

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