ESP Scorch


ESP Scorch – A brand new, understable distance driver that is perfect for players looking for some flip out of an eleven speed. This is a great disc for players of all skill levels. For big arms this will be a great roller disc and for newer players this is a disc that will be a great first driver. It gets going fast and gets some high speed turn before a decent fade at low speeds! Grab one an ESP Discraft Scorch today!!

Discraft says this about the mold: “Designed to provide maximum glide with a reliable fade regardless of your skill level. Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Scorch an easy to throw straight flier that will fight to come back, even in the wind, while Advanced and Professionals can expect high-speed turn and a late finish producing amazing distance.”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 11 Glide: 6 Turn: -2 Fade: 2

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
ESP Scorch - green-light-green - red-fracture - 171-9g Green/Light Green Red Fracture 171.9g $18.99
ESP Scorch - blend-orangepink - rainbow-dots - 173-8g Blend – Orange/Pink Rainbow Dots 173.8g $18.99
ESP Scorch - light-pink - rainbow-dots - 172-5g Light Pink Rainbow Dots 172.5g $18.99
ESP Scorch - blend-blueneon-green - rainbow-dots - 173-6g Blend – Blue/Neon Green Rainbow Dots 173.6g $18.99
ESP Scorch - blue-green - rainbow-dots - 172-8g Blue/Green Rainbow Dots 172.8g $18.99


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