ESP Cicada


ESP Cicada – The Cicada is a fantastic fairway driver from Discraft Discs that slots nicely next to the Stalker. It is a very straight disc that will get some flip from power players at higher speeds.  Newer players will find a fairway driver that is super straight and has enough glide to get some serious distance out of a 7 speed. The Cicada has been seen in the hands of pros leading up to the release and it is a very versatile disc. The ESP plastic has an amazing feel in the hand and it has tons of durability. Make sure you pick out a ESP Cicada today!

Discraft says this about the new straight fairway driver: “Fashioned from Z plastic, the First Run Cicada ensures lasting beauty and performance. Its durability mirrors the tenacity of the cicada which has stood the test of time. With a trajectory that’s undeniably straight, the Cicada is a force to be reckoned with. Unleash its potential and watch it flip seamlessly. This disc embodies the spirit of adaptability, offering players the versatility needed for strategic shot shaping throughout any course. The Cicada finds its rightful place in Discraft’s lineup. It doesn’t just belong; it thrives, elevating the game of disc golf and complementing Discraft’s legacy of producing outstanding discs.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
ESP Cicada - gray - money - somewhat-puddle-top - pretty-stiff - 164-166g - 167-4g Gray Money (-1) – Somewhat Puddle Top (6) – Pretty Stiff 164-166g 167.4g $18.99
ESP Cicada - orange - money - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 164-166g - 165-2g Orange Money (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 164-166g 165.2g $18.99
ESP Cicada - purple - gold-holographic - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 173-174g - 173-9g Purple Gold Holographic (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 173-174g 173.9g $18.99
ESP Cicada - green - flag - somewhat-flat - pretty-stiff - 173-174g - 174-8g Green Flag (3) – Somewhat Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 173-174g 174.8g $18.99
ESP Cicada - neon-green - yellow-gold - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 173-174g - 173-5g Neon Green Yellow/Gold (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 173-174g 173.5g $18.99
ESP Cicada - pink - silver-snowflake - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 164-166g - 165-2g Pink Silver Snowflake (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 164-166g 165.2g $18.99
ESP Cicada - blend-purple-blue - black - pretty-flat - pretty-stiff - 164-166g - 166-1g Blend-Purple/Blue Black (2) – Pretty Flat (6) – Pretty Stiff 164-166g 166.1g $18.99
ESP Cicada - aqua - dark-red - pretty-flat - somewhat-stiff - 164-166g - 164-6g Aqua Dark Red (2) – Pretty Flat (5) – Somewhat Stiff 164-166g 164.6g $18.99


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