ESP Anax – Paul McBeth


ESP Anax – The new Paul McBeth mold is here! This is the third disc in the new Discraft/Paul McBeth pairing. The McBeth Anax is a nice hybrid of a fairway and distance driver, that leans a bit more towards the fairway side. At a 10 Speed, the Anax has some nice distance to it, but all the control and accuracy that is so coveted. The Anax has become a disc that is loved by players of all arm speeds. It is a disc that has a ton of versatility and can be thrown both forehand and backhand and get a ton of distance while being extremely controllable. The McBeth Anax is one of the best flying control drivers around and the swirls that Discraft has been releasing are insane. These Anax have been some of the swirliest discs that we have seen. Add this to the rest of your Paul McBeth collection.
A word from Discraft on the new McBeth Anax: “We are also releasing the third disc in Paul’s lineup – Anax. Paul’s Anax(pronounced ‘aa·nuhks’) is an overstable driver in ESP plastic with a flight rating of 10/6/0/3/1.9. Previously available only as a limited pre-release in the Ledgestone players pack, the select few customers who have had the chance to throw the Anax have instantly taken to its flight as a utility driver with a TON of glide.”
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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - orange - green-micro-dots-and-stars - 170-172g - 173-5g Orange Green – Micro Dots and Stars 170-172g 173.5g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blend-purple-grey - camo-blue - 173-174g - 175-9g Blend – Purple Grey Camo – Blue 173-174g 175.9g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - pinkpurple - pink-hearts - 173-174g - 174-5g Pink/Purple Pink Hearts 173-174g 174.5g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - pinkpurple - gold-stars - 173-174g - 177-8g Pink/Purple Gold Stars 173-174g 177.8g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - pinkpurple - camo-blue - 173-174g - 174-7g Pink/Purple Camo – Blue 173-174g 174.7g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - pink - gold-dots-large - 170-172g - 173-6g Pink Gold Dots – Large 170-172g 173.6g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blue - green-lines - 173-174g - 174-0g Blue Green Lines 173-174g 174.0g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blend-blue-white - pink-hexagons - 170-172g - 173-9g Blend – Blue White Pink Hexagons 170-172g 173.9g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blue - green-lines - 173-174g - 174-5g Blue Green Lines 173-174g 174.5g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - gray - camo-blue - 173-174g - 175-2g Gray Camo – Blue 173-174g 175.2g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blend-orange-grey - gold-dots-large - 170-172g - 173-3g Blend – Orange/Grey Gold Dots – Large 170-172g 173.3g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blend-blue-pink - black - 170-172g - 172-9g Blend – Blue/Pink Black 170-172g 172.9g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blend-pink-white-purple - pink-hearts - 173-174g - 175-1g Blend – Pink White Purple Pink Hearts 173-174g 175.1g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - blue - pink-hexagons - 170-172g - 173-3g Blue Pink Hexagons 170-172g 173.3g $19.99
ESP Anax – Paul McBeth - light-yellow-green - camo-blue - 173-174g - 173-8g Light Yellow/Green Camo – Blue 173-174g 173.8g $19.99


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