Eclipse Crave – Juan – Limited Edition

We introduce Juan Limerick to the OTB Family. Juan was created by a local artist and dyer named Andrew Yung. Be on the lookout for some super limited small runs. These are perfect to throw a cool dye on, or throw them in the bag as is. We are lucky to have Andrew in the community and look forward to helping him launch this cool logo and disc art to the community soon.

Eclipse Crave – The Axiom Crave is a slow, 6.5 speed, fairway driver that slots perfectly between your mids and traditional fairways. This mold gets plenty of glide and goes really far for a disc of its speed. With a touch of turn and a slow fade back, the Eclipse Crave is perfect for dead straight shots. Describe by some as a beat in fairway out of the box, these discs can be crushed on full power or powered down and still keep a great line. This disc generally holds any line you put it on and is perfect for carving wooded fairways and open shots alike. This is absolutely the perfect fairway for a player of all skill levels, it can be worked on a ton of lines in the woods and is really a perfect slow disc for shaping shots. It is one of the best and most controllable fairways there is.

Axiom says this about the mold: “By far one of the most requested discs by GYROnauts around the world, the Eclipse Crave has officially returned as a stock release! Maintaining the smooth hand feel, and straight, controllable flight that the Crave is known for, the Eclipse Crave is here to give your bag a glow up. High power players will continue to find the Crave to be an incredibly workable disc, perfect for nearly any shot shape, and lower power players will get a nice straight to slightly understable flight with a forward pushing fade. Whether you’re carving lines in the daylight or cruising through the course during an evening round, reach for the Eclipse Crave when you need a dependable, trustworthy fairway driver!”

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