Cosmic Neutron Crave

Cosmic Neutron Crave – The Axiom Crave is a slow, 6.5 speed, fairway driver that slots perfectly between your mids and traditional fairways. This mold gets plenty of glide and goes really far for a disc of its speed. With a touch of turn and a slow fade back this disc is perfect for dead straight shots. Describe by some as a beat in fairway out of the box, these discs can be crushed on full power or powered down and still  keep a great line. It generally holds any line you put it on and is perfect for carving wooded fairways and open shots alike. Available in a few different plastics you will find a Crave to suit your liking.

Axiom says this about the mold: “The Crave provides controllable straight flights with a great feel and loads of dual-color style. Relative to MVP drivers, the Crave is like a seasoned Servo. The popular “worn workhorse-stable” vibe is achieved with subtle wing contours that also feel great in the hand. The stability, range of weights, and easy throw make the Crave a GYRO® rig staple.”

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