Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig – Tour Series 2023

Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig – With Kastaplast taking the Kaxe Z out of production the Stig is here to take its place. A slow fairway driver, or a fast midrange(we’re not sure), the Stig is a disc that can be powered down for touchy shots or powered up to throw long, turning drives. The first release of this great mold was a huge hit as an understable fast midrange. This is a mold that helps Clay Edwards on tour so he can keep competing all year. Clay is a newer player on tour and he has all the skills to stick around for years. This is a great new run of the mold that is absolutely gorgeous. The new K1 Hard plastic feels great and has both tons of grip and durability. Make sure you grab a Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig today!

Kastaplast says this about the mold: “Follow that path! There is no need to be nervous when facing stretchy thin fairways anymore. Use your best touch shot and watch the disc glide and land in circle one. The Stig is a midrange driver in the same family as the Kaxe but more understable and with less fade.”

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