Champion Corvette


Corvette – Released in March of 2019, the Corvette is here to do one thing – go fast! One of the fastest discs in the Innova lineup at a 14 speed, this disc is going to eat up distance like nobody’s business. We at OTB got some throws with one of the pre release versions of the mold and it immediately reminded us of a faster Shryke. It has some good turn and great glide. If you can get this disc to travel it’s full flight, I’d argue it’s Innova’s farthest flying disc! We’re excited for this mold, I think it will be a hit and a disc that will be popular for many for a long time. Not likely a disc that is bagged by many of the top pros, their arm speed is a bit too much. That being said, this should be perfect for the masses! If you love your Shryke but want to try adding a bit more distance, try out the Innova Corvette today!

Innova says this about the mold: “The Corvette is among our fastest class of distance drivers, Speed 14. It offers players extended glide, fairway accuracy, and commanding distance. The Corvette performs like the venerable Shryke, only faster. The GStar Corvette flight numbers have been updated to better reflect the less stable flight. (14/6/-2/2).”

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Champion Corvette - pink - white - neutral - neutral - 173-175g - 177-1g Pink White (4) – Neutral Flatness (4) – Neutral Stiffness 173-175g 177.1g $15.99


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