BioGold Beetle

BioGold Beetle – This little critter from Latitude 64 is great both on and off the course. If it’s in your bag it will be great for short approaches with plenty of glide, and if you don’t want it in your bag then it is great as a catch disc. Shaped closer to a traditional frisbee it is deep dished for tons of glide and a relatively straight to understable flight. With a deep rim, it has a very unique feel that is loved by a lot of people. For those that used to play Ultimate, this could be a great approach disc for you to start adjusting to disc golf without sacrificing strokes off of your game. The Beetle while not wildly popular does have a rather intense following. If you want a disc that is great for approaches on the golf course and for catch and sweet trick shots the BioGold Beetle is what you need in your life.

Latitude 64 says this about the mold: “The Beetle is unlike any other disc we have released. It has the shape of an old school flying disc, and it will work just as well as an upshot disc on a modern disc golf course as a throw and catch disc off the course. Glide is fantastic and it will let you do the most fantastic short game trick shots. Enhance your general technique by incorporating this into your daily practice sessions!”

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