Bert Kreischer 3 Pack (Roach, Buzzz & Nuke)


Buckle up, folks, because Bert Kreischer’s 3-pack of discs is about to take your disc golf game on a wild ride! Handpicked by the man himself, these discs are like a comedy show for your game. You’ve got the Z Nuke, ready to launch your shots into orbit with the kind of power that could make even Bert jealous. Then there’s the ESP Buzzz, as versatile as Bert’s storytelling skills, trusted by pros and newbies alike to navigate any course. And don’t forget the Jawbreaker Roach, crafted with more precision than Bert’s punchlines, designed to chase those chains like you’re chasing laughs at one of his sold-out shows. So, grab your Bert Kreischer 3-pack and get ready for a disc golf adventure that’s as wild and unpredictable as the man himself!

Discraft says: “Dive into this trio of discs, handpicked by Bert Kreischer for DGLO! This set includes 3 of Discraft’s favorite molds: the Z Nuke, engineered to optimize your distance; the ESP Buzzz, a versatile disc trusted by professionals and amateurs alike, and the Jawbreaker Roach, a putter that is crafted for chasing chains.”

Disc and foil colors will vary

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