A5 – 400 Glow


400 Glow A5 – Another amazing aproach disc from Prodigy, this mold slots nicely as a straight flying approach disc that can be manipulated on tons of angles. it will have a touch of stability to start before beating in to a reliable and straight flying approach disc. The A5 has a comfortable beadless feel in the hand and is perfect on backhand and forehand approaches. Grab yourself a Prodigy Glow A5 today!

Prodigy says this about the mold: “The Prodigy A5 is a slightly overstable approach disc that will work in to be a straight flyer. It has a nice, smooth feel with a shallow profile and flat top, which makes it ideal for sidearm approaches. It can handle torque well and has a mild finish on the end, so it won’t skip too far from where it lands.”

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Thumbnail Color Stamp Foil Flatness Stiffness Weight Scaled Weight PriceQuantity
A5 - 400 Glow - glow - red - pretty-flat - neutral - 175g - 176-6g Glow Red (2) – Pretty Flat (4) – Neutral Stiffness 175g 176.6g $19.99
A5 - 400 Glow - glow - blue - pretty-flat - neutral - 176g - 178-3g Glow Blue (2) – Pretty Flat (4) – Neutral Stiffness 176g 178.3g $19.99
A5 - 400 Glow - glow - blue - pretty-flat - neutral - 177g - 177-4g Glow Blue (2) – Pretty Flat (4) – Neutral Stiffness 177g 177.4g $19.99


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