2023 Glow Reko-x

2023 K1 Glow Reko X – Having  an overstable compliment to a straight putter is something that everyone wants to have and for Reko throwers you finally have it! This mold is a nice slightly overstable putter that is perfect for power drives off the tee. It is a disc that can be crushed on and it won’t flip but will get plenty of forward push before a gentle fade. The K1 plastic has an amazing feel in the hand and has plenty of durability. Make sure you grab a Kastaplast 2023 K1 Glow Reko-X today.

Kastaplast says this about the mold: “The K1 Reko X is an overstable putt & approach disc. This workhorse shares many characteristics of the classic Reko and will add a little extra stability to your game. The Reko X has a concave wing which allows for a better grip and is great for headwinds. This putter is suitable for putts, approaches and short drives.”

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