2023 Get Freaky CryZtal FLX Zone – Brodie Smith

2023 Get Freaky CryZtal FLX Zone – The Discraft Zone is one of the most loved discs in their lineup and now it is being offered in a stock run of the Get Freaky variety. Brodie Smith burst onto the scene and helped sell a ton of discs. The Cryztal FLX plastic is some of the most durable plastic there is. If you are a fan of gummy plastic that is super durable, then the Cryztal FLX  Zone is perfect. The overstable putter shot is an important shot to have and the Zone makes it a ton easier to pull this off. Whether you are throwing backhand hyzers or forehand flex shots this is the perfect disc for all the beefy slow shots you need. The Brodie Smith Zone is a great disc to add to your bag.

Discraft says this about the mold: “The famous Get Freaky FLX Zone makes its stock debut with an updated stamp. Taste a little of the freaky while you’re out slingin’.”

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