Total Eclipse Pitch – Commemorative Edition


Total Eclipse Pitch – The MVP Discs Glitch is one of the best discs to hit the market in recent years and now Axiom is releasing the Pitch. The Pitch feels and flies similarly to the Glitch but with a slightly less stable flight. This run comes in the beautiful Total Eclipse plastic where both the rim and the flight plate glow. This is a disc that everyone is going to love. Make sure you pick up an Axiom Discs Total Eclipse Pitch today!

Axiom says this about the mold: “Celebrate the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse with the first release of the Axiom Pitch! Matthew Jorde commemorates this moment, a 4 minute long eclipse of the sun, on our delightfully colorful Total Eclipse plastic. Featuring color glow cores and rims, the Total Eclipse Pitch is the perfect way to celebrate when the lights go out. Similar to its immensely popular cousin, the MVP Glitch, the Axiom Pitch is a hybrid catch disc – intended to provide a fun way to warm up, while being a uniquely glidey approach disc all on its own. Coming in with flight numbers of 1 | 7 | -0.5 | 0, the Pitch features a refined wing and slightly more rounded hand feel compared to the Glitch, making the Pitch just a bit less stable while maintaining the glide you expect from it. With cores and rims available in Green, Blue, Purple, Teal, and White color glow, get yours before the chance has eclipsed!”


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